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Kitchen Aid2
Kitchen Aid2
Kitchen Aid2
Kitchen Aid Flyer Inside 5.1
Kitchen Aid flyer inside 5.1
Kitchen Aid2Kitchen Aid Flyer Inside 5.1
Recommended for Use:

Restaurants, hotels and in all types of food processing facilities and outlets, such as meat and fish processing, bakeries, dairy industries and others.


Remove food from surfaces and equipment.

Rinse surfaces and machinery with approved potable water to remove heavy soils.

Foaming by machine:

  • Open and insert the 1/2 of, the specific packaging, the chemical-cleaning Kitchen Aid that is designed specifically for this foaming machine.
  • Add additional 6 liters of water,
  • Tightly close the machine and fill with air using the lever.
  • Through the foaming machine, cover surfaces well.
  • Rub as necessary.
  • Rinse with approved potable water.


Product Description
  • Liquid alkaline chlorinated foam cleaner for multiple uses containing concentrated detergents, oxidizing inhibitors and wetting agents.
  • The thick foam produces acts as a concentrated cleaner which adheres to horizontal and vertical surfaces and machinery.
  • Easily removes grease, oil, proteins, starch, distaining at the same time. The chlorine in its composition enforces its action towards the removal of stains and proteins.
  • Its composition and cleaning action helps to reduce the number of microbes.
  • Hard water tolerant, rinses away easily
  • Biodegradable

Kitchen Aid