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What is Food Safety Chemicals Institutional Division

For establishments used by the public such as hotels, schools, offices.

Food Safety Chemical’s cleaning formulations utilized in janitorial applications will tend toward gentler fragrances and milder formulations when possible, particularly in facilities heavily visited by the public. Multipurpose products that reduce labor will be favored, as will strong concentrates that require less storage space and infrequent replenishment.

The I&I market is highly diversified across geographic regions, products and services, end markets, and customers. The broad market diversification of the I&I industry, the consumable and recurring nature of the products and services, and the governmental and regulatory requirements for hygiene and cleanliness have been the basis for stable growth trends over time for this industry.

As a consequence of the economic and financial crisis that began in 2008, consumers of I&I cleaners have been forced to curb costs, including their spending on cleaning and cleaning services. Growth in the I&I cleaners market has been hampered by price pressures on cleaning products, as well as by consumers cost-cutting measures, such as reduced frequency of cleanings where possible.

Food Safety Chemicals provide a broad selection of housekeeping products and systems that deliver unparalleled performance at reduced costs.

Dilution Dispensers fills trigger spray bottles, mop buckets, and auto scrubbers. The dispenser is simple, takes a minimal amount of space, installs and adjusts quickly and only requires product and a steady water source. The dispenser will provide accurate dilution with minimum fuss. Using Cost Cutter, you get the lowest possible cost per gallon, due to the fact that our products are highly concentrated and are extremely high performing.

Institutional Products